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6-0-1 (Trustee Hatton-Hodson absent) to approve the Resolution as written. Staff will bring this back at some future date to reflect a more comprehensive and inclusive policy.

Motion by Trustee Pritchard (without comment)

Second by Trustee McNicholas (without comment)

Trustee Reardon initiates discussion

at 70:45 (1 hour 10 minutes and 45 seconds)


Dawn Urbanek

The Capistrano Unified School District Board; with a super majority of Trustees elected with public employee union support, have demonstrated through its actions and policies that the number one priority of this Board is adult jobs and employee compensation. This loyalty to the Unions that paid for their election to the school Board, has resulted in four consecutive years of across the board compensation increases totaling over $120 million dollars, while choosing not to spend even $10 million of that money to fix and repair every leaking roof and failing HVAC system in the district. That loyalty is further evidenced by the size of the classes at CUSD, and the lack of programming. CUSD has class sizes that average 32 TK and K students to a single teacher. There are students that have no art or music instruction that aligns with State Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks, and is taught by a properly credentialed teacher, because their families cannot afford to fundraise for it. CUSD no longer has programming for Gate identified and high achieving students. This was admitted to on the record at the November 16, 2016 Board of Trustee Meeting by Superintendent Kristen Vital.

This Union elected Board of Trustees lacks transparency, and does not value the input of community members, or their elected leaders. This was demonstrated by the treatment City Mayors received when expressing their opposition to Measure M; CUSD's $889 million dollar school facilities bond, at a CUSD Board meeting. This Board did NOT keep learning and achievement for EVERY student as its focus. This Board did NOT treat everyone with civility, dignity and respect as evidenced by the threat of a law suit against sitting Mayors who spoke in opposition to Measure M.
And finally, no where in this Resolution does this Board acknowledge its legal fiduciary duty to represent students and taxpayers in all matters before the Board.
As a member of the Public, and a long time student and taxpayer advocate who attends Board meetings regularly; I can, with great sincerity state that this Resolution signed by this union elected Board of Trustees, is not worth the paper it will be written on.
Actions speak louder than words. 
at 73:19  This is the same Resolution that has been passed for the last four years just reminding the Board what their Role and Responsibility is.
at 73:55 Trustee Pritchard Moves the Item without Comment

McNicholas Seconds without Comment

at 74:09 Reardon makes a comment - voted for it last 4-years but it does miss engaging parents.

at 75:21 Superintendent - we can revise this next year - but pass it tonight.

at 75:44 Trustee McNicholas - the language is fine as is.

at 76:00 Trustee Reardon - language is for general not individual concerns.



Board Audio at 190.24 (3 hours 10 minutes and 24 seconds)
"I think that one of the outcomes of tonight is because this was something that was happening at the Staff level without the Board, having a conversation with the Board, and getting your values is really important. And so, I think what I have heard is that the majority of you very much want to see a GATE like program with some level of humm - separation... I don't know another word. Some way of meeting the needs of kids in that way and that we need to build some programming and potentially bring that conversation back along with some evidence and research about what this means or doesn't mean for all kids. Frankly this helps us to be able start this conversation because before what was happening is that in isolation, not now, a year or two ago making some plans without the Board. So I do think this is important and we are happy as a staff to be able to given that value to build something and bring that back.  Does that make sense?" 


COMMENT by Dawn Urbanek and Blue Card Speaker

"The Board of Trustees is the policy-making body for the District."

 Superintendent Vital stated on record that District staff without Board approval made the unilateral decision not to fund accelerated programming for Gate identified, and high achieving students. STAFF IS UNILATERALLY SETTING POLICY WITHOUT BOARD APPROVAL.

"I understand and accept as my primary responsibility the goal of providing the opportunity for each student to develop his/her unique abilities to the highest possible level.

Gate Identified and high achieving students are being denied access to accelerated programing.

Students in schools that cannot fundraise have no Art Music or Science that align with CA minimum State Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks, taught by a properly credentialed teacher. Reliance on fundraising and donations to pay for core educational programs creates wealth based inequities in the quality of education a student receives within CUSD; and is a civil rights violation under both, the US Constitution and the California Constitution.

"The educational welfare of students, therefore, shall be given first priority in any action taken as a Board member."

It is not in the educational welfare of students to attend class in facilities that have not been fixed or maintained for 15 years so that money that could have been spent on facilities maintenance is instead, used to maintain maximum employee compensation. The actions of the Board in approving four consecutive across the board compensation increases totaling over $120 million dollars while choosing not to spend $10 million to fix every leaky roof and HVAC system is a breach of this Boards fiduciary Duty to students. Actions speak louder than words- CUSD's top priority is adult jobs, not the educational interest of students.

Average class sizes of 32 in TK and K and 34 - 36 in others is not in the educational interest of students. Staff to student ratios are no longer safe. Piloting a program to put 50 students/a single teacher in PE is not in the best interest of students.

Having a curriculum without Honors classes is not in the educational interest of students or the financial interest of parents. It makes it more difficult for students to compete to get into college, and to obtain merit scholarships to help pay for college.

It is not in the educational interest of students to force every student to take CCP/Health as a year long course. CCP is not a state required course to graduate and it puts CUSD students behind in completing their A-G required course work making it more difficult for CUSD students to be ready to enter a 4- year selective University.

"I will keep learning and achievement for each and every student as the primary focus, value, support, and advocate for public education, operate openly with trust and integrity, ..."

CUSD failed to mention Measure M in a single Ad Hoc Committee meeting with Cities. City Councils and City Mayors found out about Measure M constituents in July 2016, 4 months before the November election.

"... govern in a dignified and professional manner, treating everyone with civility, dignity, and respect, while honoring the right to disagree with each other."

This Board did NOT treat everyone with civility, dignity and respect as evidenced by the threat of a law suit against sitting Mayors who spoke in opposition to Measure M.

Approving this Resolution is a breach of the Fiduciary Duty of all Trustees who approved the Resolution.