Board Agenda: at page 14

Board Audio at 1:13 (1 hour 53 minutes): at 1:13:00


Purchase Orders are for goods or services that District Staff is asking the Board to approve.

Warrants are payments for past purchase orders that have been approved at previous meetings.

New Purchase Orders for the December BOT meeting totaled $1,286,868.65 at are itemized on pages 14-22

Warrants Paid totaled $18,338,737.32 and are itemized on page 23-60

BLUE CARD - Member of the Public

at 113:00 Dawn Urbanek 


1) it has been standard practice for staff to enter into agreements, and begin performance of those contracts before they have been brought to the Board for Approval.  These contracts are always done on Consent Calendar which means that unless a member of the public or a Trustee pulls the item, it is approved without discussion.  

2) It is very difficult for the public to track how CUSD spends it's money. CUSD provides the public with a check register. To see total spending on a category like "Professional Development" or "Legal Fees" an interested party would have to go through all the PO's or Warrants and find each transaction and add them up by hand. The system is intentionally presented to the public in this manner to make it more difficult for the public to see how the District spends taxpayer money.

3) CUSD is spending General Fund money on Professional Development. The District has one-time grant money mandated to be spent on Professional Development and Technology. General Fund money should be spent on providing every student with a basic education... district funded art music and science for every student.


at 114:59 Trustee McNicholas: Do we have grant money that must be spent on Professional Development?

at 115:12 Dr Holiday: We have Teacher Effectiveness Grant money that we use for Teachers.

at 115:34 Trustee Reardon wanted clarification on which line item. 

NOTE: This was not a single line item. The $12,417.98 spent from general fund money was made of the following:

Purchase Orders for Conferences $16,606 ($12,417.98 from CUSD's General Fund). The District is receiving one- time grant money from the state that is mandated too be spent on professional development. General Fund money should not be spent on conferences and professional development.

Once a member of the Public speaks they cannot stand up and answer the question unless the Board asks them to. Staff said they did not have an answer and would have to research this. The Trustees did not direct staff to research this and bring an answer back to the Board. Trustees passed the item without understanding what was being questioned and without having all the information.

The CTE Grant (Technology spending) $1,636,733

The Educator Effectiveness Grant (Professional Development) $3,157,561

From the question asked Trustees were not aware of the one time grant money.

at 115:55 Superintendent Vital: The single most important thing to be done at the District is Professional Development. Every time we invest in our employees it is a dollar well spent. Research supports this. Teacher Effectiveness Grants are only $3 million out of a $400 million dollar budget. 

Comment Dawn Urbanek

CUSD now spends more on Professional Development than it does on Books and Supplies

at 117:19 Trustee McNicholas: In addition to teachers, there is training for other staff - classified staff and other para-professionals.


Trustee Hannacek moved to approve Agenda Item #9

Trustee Jones second

Roll Call Vote: 6-0-1 Trustee Hatton- Hodson absent 

Comment Dawn Urbanek None of the Discussion addressed the expressed concern of how the spending is given to the public. Presenting the spending in checkbook register form means the public has to sort by hand all transactions to find the overall spending on a particular category. When Trustee Reardon asked which item? The $12,417.98 was General Fund Spending on Conferences and Professional Development that consisted of 12 separate items.

Comment Dawn Urbanek Professional Development is a State wide Racketeering Scheme. This information has been given to the FPPC and the District Attorney.

Professional Development For Every Educator Is A Racketeering Scheme

The State of California’s new education funding law AB-97 Local Control Funding Formula was designed to get rid of categorical programs and give local school districts control over how school district funding was spent.

However, the California Department of Education has now began to use one time restricted grant funding to force the expenditure of taxpayer money on things like “Professional Development” and “Technology”.

The State Department of Education in Collusion with Public Employee Unions and For-Profit Corporations appears to be engaged in "Racketeering."

What is very troubling is that these one time funds that every district receives - are used for their mandated purpose- "Professional Development" and “Technology", but the payment for goods and services are made to a “foundation” not a company or business. These foundations have political PACS that advocate political positions which may or may not be in the best interest of students and taxpayers.

Racketeering is the act of offering of a dishonest service (a "racket") to solve a problem that wouldn't otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the service.

Professional Development is NOT a necessary expense of a school district. Especially, for a District that lacks sufficient revenue to provide a basic state mandated curriculum to every student. There are CUSD students who do not receive District funded art, music or science; that is taught by a credentialed teacher, that aligns with California State Content Standards and Curriculum frameworks.

"Follow the Money" to see how it works.


Money for Common Core- STEM- The California Labor Initiative Training and Healthy Kids training is paid to CDE Foundation (Californians Dedicated to Education). 

Money for Systems Leadership Collaborative - LCAPca and access to leading Educational technology companies at ACSA Symposiums is paid to ACSA's Foundation.

Trustee Lynn Hatton-Hodson's company InnovateEd is a partner in Systems Leadership Collaborative and LCAPca. 

Californians Dedicated to Education has an Advisory Task Force on Accountability and Continuous Improvement that works in partnership with ACSA.

ACSA Foundation then spends that money on Political issues through its three political PACS:

ACSA - Issues Political Action Committee - "ACSA ISSUES PAC" = ID #972015

ACSA - Political Action Committee - "ACSA-PAC" = ID #842151

ACSA - ACSA Political Action Committee - "ACSAPAC" = ID #840154

Through ACSA's Political Pacs - you have taxpayer money being used to advocate for Union positions and Pay- To-Play For-Profit Companies.

Association of California School Administrators - Issues Political Action Committee - "ACSA ISSUES PAC" = ID #972015

This Pac spent $400,000 on Yes on Prop 51 - 55 - 58 

More troubling is the expenditures-

Capitol Advisors Group - Campaign Consultants - CUSD uses school district funds to hire Capital Advisors Group to work on it's behalf. Isn't that in itself a Conflict of Interest?

Olson Hagel & Fishburn - Legal Services - This Firm was hired by CUSD to represent CUSD in Conflict of Interest charges in Fair Political Practices complaint against Trustee Lynn Hatton Hodson. Isn't it a Conflict of Interest for this firm to represent both sides? Why is CUSD paying her attorney fees?

Association of California School Administrators - Political Action Committee - "ACSA-PAC" = ID #842151

This PAC spends taxpayer money to elect individuals to State political office. It made -0- contributions to anyone seeking office within CUSD Boundaries.

Association of California School Administrators - ACSA Political Action Committee - "ACSAPAC" = ID #840154

This PAC spends taxpayer money to elect individuals to State political office. It made -0- contributions to anyone seeking office within CUSD Boundaries.

CDE Foundation - The Advisory Task Force on Accountability and Continuous Improvement partners with ACSA

"The Advisory Task Force on Accountability and Continuous Improvement is a team of education leaders convened to advise the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson on his recommendations for a new California system of public education accountability and continuous improvement to the State Board of Education and the state legislature." 

"The task force is being co-chaired by Wes Smith, ACSA Executive Director, and Eric Heins, CTA President. Additionally, the SSPI has appointed 25+ key education leaders from throughout California to serve on the task force."

"The Task Force began meeting regularly in September 2015 and was co-chaired by Wes Smith, Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Executive Director, and Eric Heins, California Teachers Association (CTA) President. Additionally, the SSPI appointed 25+ key education leaders from throughout California to serve on the task force. After five in-person meetings as well as additional virtual meetings and small group work sessions, the Task Force is proud to present its final report: Preparing All Students for College, Career, Life, and Leadership in the 21st Century. Wes Smith and Eric Heins presented the report to the State Board of Education on May 11th, with a number of Task Force members showing their support for the recommendations in the report as well. Materials from the State Board Meeting can be accessed here."

"With funding from the CA Education Policy Fund, the CDE Foundation provided support for the coordination, facilitation, and documentation of all meetings, as well as the development of the written report. We wish to thank the Superintendent for convening this group, the funders for generously supporting this effort, the co-chairs for leading this work, and most importantly, the Task Force members who contributed their time, passion, and wisdom to help recommend a system that better serves all of California’s diverse students, families, and communities by providing schools and districts with the information they need to continuously improve."

The full report from the Superintendent’s Advisory Task Force on Accountability and Continuous Improvement can be accessed here: Preparing All Students for College, Career, Life, and Leadership in the 21st Century."*CA Education Policy Fund-

The CDE under Tom Torlaksons BluePrint for Education has put together an association of Education partners that benefit politically and financially through collaboration in the implementation of Common Core and LCAP and LCFF.

Capistrano Unified School District Trustee Lynn Hatton-Hodson is a Principal in InnovateEd. Her position on the Board directly conflicts with her business interest in InnovateEd who partners with ACSA in Systems Leadership Collaborative and LCAPca.

This State -wide restricted flow of taxpayer money funneled through Professional Development and CTE at every District in the State is a mis-use of taxpayer funds because it flows directly to a foundation, and is then used for political advocacy.



NEW PURCHASE ORDERS Conferences - General Fund Spending: 


COALITION FOR ADEQUATE SCHOOL HOUSING - PAY TO PLAY - Major Sponsor of Prop 51 School Bonds Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities, Initiative Statute 

CASH donated $2,320,000 to YES on Prop 51 (There was no committee opposing this ballot measure that was able to raise enough money to reach the reporting threshold for this list)


Should school districts be funding this organization with taxpayer money? 

CUSD pays CASH a lot of money every year- this month alone is $970.00

Should CUSD be using General Fund money to promote School Facilities Bonds like Prop 51 and Measure M when CUSD does not have sufficient funds to provide every student with District funded Art Music and Science? 

Taxpayers, with the help of elected officials were able to reject Measure M CUSD's $889 million dollar school facilities bond. However, CASH was able to help 187 of 206 school measures to pass representing nearly $50 BILLION in future property taxes according to the California School Bonds Clearing House.



Thank You 2016 State School Bond Contributors


Proposition 51

Kindergarten through Community College
Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016

Triple Diamond
($50,000 and Greater)

Affiliated Organizations
Association of California School Administrators

DLR Group
LPA, Incorporated
PJHM Architects
Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke

230172 PO-363370 15000.00 page 24
230174 PO-357139 2250.00 page 24
  PO-357140 472.00 page 24
230178 PO-354810 3000.00 page 24
230181 PO-353981 3906.30 page 25
230352 PO-357140 2643.20 page 32
230354 PO-353981 11093.89 page 32

Westgroup Designs, Inc.

Construction Managers
Balfour Beatty Construction
Colombo Construction
Erickson-Hall Construction
Harris Construction
Neff Construction
TELACU Construction Management
Tilden Coil Constructors, Inc.  

Consultants and Planners
California Financial Services
Murdoch, Walrath & Holmes
School Facility Consultants  CUSD CONTRACTS WITH THIS FIRM

Furniture and Equipment Suppliers
Virco Manufacturing Corporation

Financial Consultants
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.

Modular Building Manufacturers
Prefast Buildings

Double Diamond
($40,000 -$49,000)

Baker Nowicki Design Studios

($30,000 – $39,999)

IBI Group
S.I.M. Architects

Construction Managers
Ledesma & Meyer Construction Co. Inc.

Contractors and Developers
Lusardi Construction

Financial Institutions & Consultants
UBS Securities, LLC

Outdoor / Recreation Equipment Suppliers
AFE Sports

($25,000 – $29,999)

Ghataode Bannon Architects
PBK, Inc.


Contractors and Developers
David A. Bush, Inc.

Affiliated Organizations
Construction Employers’ Association

($20,000 to $24,999)

Affiliated Organizations
Advancement Project

Klassen Corporation


Lozano Smith Attorneys at Law CUSD CONTRACTS WITH THIS FIRM

Construction Management
Vanir Construction Management

Environmental / Geotechnical Consultants

Financial Consultants
Cooperative Strategies

Program Managers
Arcadis U.S., Inc.

($10,000 – $19,999)

AEDIS Architecture & Planning
Architecture for Education
Darden Architects
DC Architects
GKK Works
Harley Ellis Devereaux
HKIT Architects
NAC Architecture
Ordiz-Melby Architects, Inc.
Perkins + Will Architects
SVA Architects, Inc.
Trittipo Architecture & Planning


Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo CUSD CONTRACTS WITH THIS FIRM

Atkinson Andelson Loya - CUSD DECEMBER WARRANTS
230255 PO-362534 89,762.91 page 29
  PV-171923 2848.75 page 29
  PV-171924 1,788.20 page 29
  PV-171925 1,095.00 page 29
  PV-171926 20,430.94 page 29
230670 PO-361521 1,805.00 page 42

Consultants and Planners
School Business Consulting, Inc.

Construction Management
Cumming Corporation
EC Constructors, Inc.
S.C. Anderson, Inc.
Roebbelen Contracting, Inc.
XL Construction

Contractors & Developers
Charles Pankow Builders, LTD.
Clark & Sullivan
Landmark Construction Co.
Ledcor Construction, Inc.
McCarthy Building Companies Inc.
Swinerton Builders

SunPower Corporation

Engineers / Licensed Professionals
Koury Engineering & Testing, Inc.
Swanson Engineering, Inc.
ZFA Structural Engineers

Furniture and Equipment Suppliers
Contrax Furnishings, LLC

Modular Building Manufacturers
American Modular Systems, Inc.

($5,000 – $9,999)


Architectural NEXUS, Inc.
ARTIK Art & Architecture
BCA Architects
Carmichael-Kemp Architects
Davy Architecture
Deems Lewis McKinley
Dougherty + Dougherty
Dyson Siegrist Janzen Architects, Inc.
Flewelling & Moody, Inc.
Frick Frick & Jette Architects
Gonzalez Architects
Gonzalez Goodale Architects
Gould Evans, Inc.
JCJ Architecture
Lentz Morrissey Architecture, Inc.
Nacht & Lewis Architects
PCH Architects
Quattrocchi Kwok Architects
SC Architects, Inc.
Stafford King Wiese Architects
Westberg+White Architects, Inc.
Williams+Paddon Architects

Bowie, Arneson, Wiles & Giannone
Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann & Girard
Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP
Orbach Huff Suarez & Henderson CUSD CONTRACTS WITH THIS FIRM
Parker & Covert, LLP

Consultants and Planners
Colbi Technologies
Hancock Park & Delong Inc.
K12 School Facilities
Kathleen Moore & Associates
Koppel & Gruber Public Finance
School Services of California CUSD CONTRACTS WITH THIS FIRM

Contractors & Developers
Brady SoCal, Inc.
JL Bray & Son, Inc.
M Bar C Construction, Inc.
Pro-Craft Construction
San Joaquin Glass
Swinerton Builders
Tumblin Company
Valley Precision Grading
Western Building Materials

Construction Management
Blach Construction Company
California Construction Management
C.W. Driver
Elite Landscape Construction
Fresno Concrete Construction
Karsyn Construction
Kitchell CEM
Lundgren Management Corp.
Mark Wilson Construction, Inc.
WLC Construction Services 


Engineers/Licensed Professionals
ACH Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Alpha Mechanical, Inc.
Baskin Engineering Mechanical Engineers Inc.
Blair Church and Flynn Consulting Engineers Inc.
Coast Engineering Designs Inc.
HPS Mechanical
Johnson Consulting Engineers
KNA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Strategic Mechanical, Inc.
Studebaker Brown Electric, Inc.
Swanson Engineering, Inc.
Valley Unique Electric, Inc.

Financial Institutions
Dale Scott & Company
Isom Advisors
RBC Capital Markets, LLC

Furniture and Equipment Suppliers
Sierra School Equipment Company

AireMasters Air Conditioning

Modular Building Manufacturers
JTS Modular
Mobile Modular
Project Frog

California Association Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors, National Association

Outdoor / Recreation Equipment Suppliers
The KYA Group

Technology / Telecommunications Consultants
Serban Sound and Communications
Tel Tech Security Systems
Time and Alarm Systems

Contributions Below $5,000
Individuals and Businesses

4 Creeks
4 S.T.E.L. Engineering, Inc.
5M Contracting
A-1 Fire Protection, Inc.
ACCO Engineer Systems
Ace Electric
ACH Mechanical Contractors
Daniel Adams
Advance Communications
Advanced Structural Design, Inc.
AGC, Incorporated
Aguilar and Associates Architects
Air Systems
Air X Utilities Surveyors
AJ Kirkwood and Associates Inc.
Alan Mok Engineering
Alcal Specialty Contracting, Inc.
Alpha Mechanical
Alfa Tech, Inc.
Cathy Allen
All Star Signs, Inc.
Jeff Ambrosia
American Incorporated
American Integrated Resources, Inc.
American Sheet Metal + Glazing
Jim Anderson
ANLA Associates, Inc.
A.O. Reed & Co.
Applied Restoration, Inc.
Architect Addison Schierbeek
Architects Gallegos & Eckle
Arntz Builders Inc.
Julie Arthur
Layne Arthur
Kevin Arwood
Patti Ashton
Atascadero Glass
ATI Architects
Audio Associates
Avendren Building Systems, Inc.
Noemi Avila-Zamudio
B2 Environmental
Bainbridge Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Mary Baker
Baker Electric
Constantine Baranoff
Barcus Structural Engineering, Inc.
Kim Barnett
Barrish Pelham Consulting Engineers
Chris Bartok
Baskin Engineering Mechanical Engineers
Bay Area Consulting Engineers
Jeffrey Becker
Bell Roof Company
Benchmark Landscape
Lance Bidnick
Regina Bills
BSK Associates
Blanchard Associates
Blue Coast Consulting
Blueprint Service Co.
Julie Boucher
Joanne Branch
Brandow & Johnston Structural and Civil Engineers
Bravo Concrete Construction Services, Inc.
Briggs Akalan Structural Engineering
Brio Engineering Associates, Inc.
Brooks-Ransom Associates
Broward Builders
Margaret Brown
Bruery LLC
Buehler & Buehler Structural Engineers, Inc.
Buescher Electric, Inc.
John Burdette
Sandra Burgoyne
Burkett and Wong Engineers
Byrens Kim Design Works
C2 Imaging
California Sheet Metal
James Cahill
Cal-Kern Construction
Capital Engineering Consultants
Capital Program Management Inc.
Lynn Capouya
Cardinal Environmental
Carl G. Elliott Architect
Wyatt Carsjens
Carter-Kelly Inc.
Caston Plastering & Drywall, Inc.
Eric Cederquist
Cencal Demolition, Inc.
Central Valley Hardware
Century Painting
Champion Electric
Owen Chang
Chapman Air Systems, Inc.
Chauhan Consultants
Circle City Electric
Citadel CPM, Inc.
Clean Earth Restorations
Marilyn Cleveland
Commercial Furnishings
Commercial Openings, Inc.
Communication Wiring Specialists
Concrete Placement, Inc.
Michael Conroy
Consulting and Inspection Services, LLC
Continental Flooring
Control Air Conditioning Corporation
Michelle Coonan
Core Business Interiors
Corinne Loskot Consulting, Inc.
Robert Corley
Tova K. Corman
Couts Heating & Cooling, Inc.
CTE Inc.
CTE South
Cuyamaca Construction
Dan Worley Plumbing
Dave Bang Associates
David Taussig & Associates CUSD CONTRACTS WITH THIS FIRM
Greg Davis
Davis Demographics and Planning, Inc.
DB Olsen and Company
DCI Engineers
Demolition Specialist, Inc.
Design West Engineering, Inc.
Timothy Dewitt
Dieli Murawka Howe, Inc.
Marty Dietz
Thomas Difiore
Gena Digby
Dirt Worx Inc.
Dittemore Insulation Contractors
Janet Dixon
Jay Dixon
Joe Dixon
Dixon SmartSchoolHouse
DKJ Architects
Don Kinzel Construction, Inc.
Donald Krotee Partnership, Inc.
Tonya Dooley
David A. Doomey
Donald M Hoover Co
Dorfmeier Masonry, Inc.
William Draa
Thomas Duffy
Dufoe Consulting Engineers
Durham Construction Company, Inc.
Dwight Reilly Surety & Insurance Brokers
Susan Dyke
Eastridge Workforce Solutions
Econo Fence, Inc.
Edge Electrical Consulting, Inc.
Johnathan Edwards
Elite Landscape Construction, Inc.
Elite Painting and Wallcovering
Engineering Employees Services Corp.
Englekirk Structural Engineers
Eric Hall & Associates
FBA Engineering
F.J. Willert Contracting Co., Inc.
Thomas C. Fallgatter Lawyer
Farley Interlocking Paving
John T. Fenton, Jr.
Fenton OR1
Owen Fish
Jim Fisher
FJ Williert Contracting Co.
Edith Florence
Four C’s Construction
FPL and Associates, Inc.
Christina Frankel
Fresno Concrete Construction, Inc.
Fresno Fabtech, Inc.
Fresno Plumbing and Heating Inc.
Fresno Reprographics, Inc.
Gil Fullen
Stacy Gaddini
Sumeet Gadi
Thomas Gaeto
Mat Gates
Gelfand Partners Architects
Geo-Advantec, Inc.
Gilliam & Sons Inc.
Daniel Gonzales
Gonzalez Architects
Government Financial Strategies CUSD CONTRACTS WITH THIS FIRM
Jeffrey Grau
Ground Level
Group Delta Consultants Inc.
Lyn Gruber
Sherrie Gruber
Carl Grundman
Dov Grunschlag
H&M Mechanical Group
Scott Hammond
Bob Hampton
Gail Hanna
Jenny Hannah
Hardin-Davidson Engineering
Harik Construction Inc.
Lynn Hartline
Gene and April Hartline
Hastrup and Hyde, Inc.
Jim Haworth
Hill Partnership
Hoover Company
Gateway Engineering, Inc.
Gelfand Partners Architects
Geo-Advantec, Inc.
John Gizzo
Growthpoint Structures
Edward Gonzalez
Lorna Harris
Hibser Yamauchi
Highlands Energy Solutions
Lara Hirsch
HPS Mechanical
ICS Service
Idaho Pacific Lumber Company
Infinity Communications and Consulting
Inland Empire Architectural Specialties Inc.
Innovation Commercial Flooring
Integrated Designs by Somam, Inc.
Integrated Marketing Concepts, Inc.
Intercom Clock and Signal Service, Inc.
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 428
Interpipe Contracting
J&M Concrete Contractors
Jack Schreder & Associates, Inc.
Douglas Janzen
JC Framing Construction
JCJ Architecture
JL Cobb Painting and Construction
J. Dean Ballard and Sons
Jerico Fire Protection Company, Inc.
Jim’s Supply Co., Inc.
Johasee Rebar
John A. Martin & Associates, Inc.
Pamela T. Johnson
Johnson Consulting Engineers
Johnson Controls
Gregory Jones
Jones Hall, A Law Corporation
Jordan Knighton Architects, Inc.
JPI Development Group
JTS Construction
JTS Modular
Helena Jubany
K2A Architecture and Interiors CUSD CONTRACTS WITH THIS FIRM
K and Z Cabinet Co
Kasco Fab, Inc.
Kathleen Moore & Associates
Mark Kelley
Keller Mitchell Landscape Architects
Kern Asphalt Paving & Sealing Co.
Kern Door Company
Kern Glass and Aluminum
Kern Steel Fabrication
Kincaid Industries
Kirkpatrick & Associates
Kister Savio and Rei
Kitchens to Go, LLC
Laura Knauss
Knights Pumping and Portable
Knowland Construction Services
Kroeker, Inc.
Kramer Project Development Co.
Michael Kurnik
LA Design Group, Inc.
Latitude 33
Mariana Lavezzo
Penny Lawlor
Lawrence Nye Carlson Associates
Lawson Mechanical Contractors
Leslie A. Leahy
Rod Leard
Lee and Stires, Inc.
Lee Andrews Group, Inc.
Jan Leeman
Leighton Consulting, Inc.
Leland Saylor & Associates
Lemanski and Rockwell Architects
Letner Roofing
L J Kruse Company
Lord Architecture Inc.
LP Consulting Engineers Inc.
LSA Associates, Inc.
MA Engineers
M.A. Stevens Construction, Inc.
Lauren Maass
Maas Companies
M Bar C Construction, Inc.
Mark Beamish Waterproofing
Trenton Manasse
Maroko & SHWE Inc.
Raul Martinez
Massetti Consulting, LLC
Cindy McGanney
McKissack & McKissack
Mia McKnight
McWhirter Steel
Dwayne Mears
Jessica Mears
Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Mechanical Design Concepts
Medford Construction
MHP Structural Engineers
Ed Mierau
Miller Environmental, Inc.
Millennium Consulting
Minear Combined Construction
David Miranda
MJK Architecture
Mobile Modular
Montgomery Hardware
Donald Moore
Mary Morris
Morrow-Meadows Corporation
Motor City Auto Center
MTW Group
Mun Leu Architect Inc.
Murray Company
Myrtha Pools, USA
Nations Roof West
Matt Navo
New Dimension Masonry, Inc.
Ninyo and Moore
Nolte Sheet Metal Inc.
Norman S. Wright Equipment Corporation
Northstar Engineering Group, Inc.
NuWay, Inc.
Michael and Company
Michael O’Brien
Odell Planning & Research
Onesource Consulting LLC
Opterra Energy
Danny Ordiz
Orion Structural Engineering Inc.
Orness Design Group
Yolanda Ortiz
Pacific Coast Glazing
Pacific States Environmental Contractors Inc.
Paragon Furniture
Parker & Covert
Alex Parslow
PBS Engineers, Inc.
Pennsylvania Coatings, Inc.
Marsha Perry Park
John Peukert
Priscilla Phillips
Rob Pierce
Michael Pinto
Platt/Whitelaw Architects, Inc.
Plum Architects
Plumbing Inc.
PMSM Architects
Pocock Design Solutions
Lee Pollard
Precision Civil Engineering
Precision Concrete
Premier Management Group, Inc.
Program Management Group
Project Frog
Project Support Services
Protection Design and Consulting
Prudential Lighting Products
Melinda Pure
Yolanda Ortiz
Quality Reinforcing, Inc.
Joseph Quinonez
Rancho Pacific Electric, Inc.
RDM Electric Co., Inc.
Rebar Engineering Inc.
RGM and Associates
RHA Inc.
Riccardi Floor Covering
RIS Electrical Contractor
RJ, Inc.
RJC Architects
RMA Group
Ro’s Precise Painting, Inc.
James Robbins
Robert B Moss Architectural Specialties
Robert Boro Landscape Architect
Robinson Electric
Marcos A. Rodriguez
Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc.
Rose Sing & Associates, Inc.
Rowan Electric
Ted Rozzi
RS Construction Services, Inc.
Ruben’s Pipeline
Lori Rubenstein
RVA Management, Inc.
Tim Ryan
Safework, Inc.
Saiful/Bouqet Consulting Structural Engineers Inc.
Sally Swanson
Sandy Pringle Associates Inspection Consultants
San Diego Steel Solutions
San Joaquin Fence
San Joaquin Glass
Santa Clarita Concrete
Steve Sawyer
Scantech Graphics
Gerald Schafer
Shade Structures
Sierra Designs, Inc.
Sierra School Equipment Co.
School Site Solutions
Sillman Wright Architects
Silver Creek Industries Inc.
Simmons Construction
So Cal Building Restoration, Inc.
Soils Engineering
Solatube International, Inc.
Southern Sierra Chapter National Electrical Contractor’s Association
Specialized Painting
Spooner’s Woodworks, Inc.
Standard Drywall, Inc.
Mamie Starr
Steelcase Education
Heather Steer
Steve Eastham Engineering
Steve Sawyer
Tom Stevens
John Stock
Structure Cast
Sturgeon Services International
Jerry Suich
Sun Pacific Glazing, Inc.
SWS Engineering, Inc.
Sylvester Roofing Company, Inc.
Tam and CZ Architects
Tandus Centiva, LLC
Team C Construction
Tel-Tec Security Systems Inc.
Terraphase Engineering
TerraVerde Renewable Partners LLC
Terry Bedford Concrete Construction
Teter LLP
The Engineering Enterprise
The Mike Cox Electric, Inc.
Reese Thompson
Tomahawk Builders
TTG Engineers
Tracy Tucker
Steve Turner
Allen Tutt Jr.
Twining, Inc.
Underwood & Rosenblum
Valley Excavation, Inc.
Valley Fence Co.
Vernon Edwards Constructors
Mike Vail
Visalia Ceramic Tile
Vista Environmental Consulting
Jack Vombaur
Vulcan Steel Company
David Walrath
Warren Consulting Engineers
Waveguide Consulting Inc.
Webb Cleff Architecture
West Coast Firestopping Inc.
Westech Systems, Inc.
Western Building Materials Co.
Western Engineering Contractors, Inc.
Westland Heating and Air Conditioning
Westside Waste Management
Wild Electric, Inc.
Bruce Wilke
Wiseman and Rohy
Wm. B. Saleh Co.
Gary Wuitschick
Yarbs Grading and Paving, Inc.
Ziemba & Prieto Architects
Julie Zimmerman
Terry Zinger
Zumwalt Construction, Inc.




363859   1 Apple Inc 412,32   InstMtls/SEOthIns/Districtwide page 17
363860   1 Apple Inc 1,026.00   InstMtls/SEOthIns/Districtwide page 17
363917   1 Apple Inc 412.32   InstMtls/SEOthIns/Districtwide page 18
363954     Apple Inc 321.84   NonCapEq/Instruction/Districtwd page 19
364003   1 Apple Inc 3,338.64   InstMtls/Enterprs/LRMS page 20
364042   1 Brain Pop LLC 1,695.00   Serv& Op/Instrctn/MFMS page 21
364044   1 Camcor Inc 115.97   SplsNonI/Sch Adm/Palisade page 21
364047   1 Camcor Inc 292.46   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 21
363763   1 CDWG Inc 238.46   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 15
363844   1 CDWG Inc 96.95   SplsNonI/Purch/Districwd page 17
363854   1 CDWG Inc 9725.09   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Concordia page 17
363855   1 CDWG Inc 12500.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Concordia page 17
363870   1 CDWG Inc 79.92   InstrMtl/Instrctn/DHHS page 17
363872   1 CDWG Inc 51.94   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 17
363874   1 CDWG Inc 2424.60   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 17
363887   1 CDWG Inc 3792.31   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 18
    1 CDWG Inc 5932.31   InstrMtl/Instrctn/FNMS page 18
363894   1 CDWG Inc 300.00   NonCapEq/Instructn/Distrwd page 18
363918   1 CDWG Inc 300.00   InstrMtls/SEOthIns/Diistrwd page 18
363920   1 CDWG Inc 300.00   InstrMtls/SEOthIns/Diistrwd page 18
366922   1 CDWG Inc 300.00   InstrMtls/SEOthIns/Diistrwd page 18
363925   1 CDWG Inc 1701.89   InstrMtls/Enterprise/Tesoro page 18
363935   1 CDWG Inc 1996.56   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 19
262939   1 CDWG Inc 484.92   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 19
363942   1 CDWG Inc 266.67   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 19
363943   1 CDWG Inc 481.68   InstrMtl/Instrctn/DJAMS page 19
363944   1 CDWG Inc 501.05   SplsNonI/Sch Adm/Districwd page 19
363945   1 CDWG Inc 9516.48   SplsNonI/TIS/Districwd page 19
363946   1 CDWG Inc 51.84   InstrMtl/Enterprs/FNMS page 19
363948   1 CDWG Inc 19.39   SplsNonI/Prsnl:HR/Districwd page 19
363952   1 CDWG Inc 73.97   SplsNonI/Instructn/Districwd page 19
363953   1 CDWG Inc 328.75   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Tesoro page 19
363955   1 CDWG Inc 2983.41   InstrMtl/Instrctn/MFMS page 19
364033   1 CDWG Inc 1248.48   NonCapEq/Instructn/Distrwd page 21
364037   1 CDWG Inc 3105.77   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Palisade page 21
364048   1 CDWG Inc 672.84   NonCapEq/Instructn/Distrwd page 21
364055   1 CDWG Inc 108.69   NonCapEq/Instructn/VdelMarE page 21
    1 CDWG Inc 51.15   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 21
364056   1 CDWG Inc 1671.44   InstrMtl/Instrctn/NHMS page 21
    1 CDWG Inc 5926.01   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 21
364062   1 CDWG Inc 9725.09   InstrMtl/Instrctn/FNMS page 21
364064   1 CDWG Inc 980.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/FNMS page 21
364076   1 CDWG Inc 54.91   InstrMtl/Instrctn/San Juan page 21
363773   1 Howard Technology Solutions 24.50   InstrMtl/Instrctn/AVMS page 15
363846   1 Howard Technology Solutions 980.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Tesorro page 17
363856   1 Howard Technology Solutions 1960.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Concordia page 17
363088   1 Howard Technology Solutions 980.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 18
363893   1 Howard Technology Solutions 24.50   Serv&Op/SEOthIns/Districtwd page 18
363919   1 Howard Technology Solutions 24.50   InstrMtls/SEOthIns/Diistrwd page 18
363921   1 Howard Technology Solutions 24.50   InstrMtls/SEOthIns/Diistrwd page 18
363923   1 Howard Technology Solutions 24.50   InstrMtls/SEOthIns/Diistrwd page 18
363926   1 Howard Technology Solutions 171.50   InstrMtls/Enterprise/Tesoro page 18
363936   1 Howard Technology Solutions 220.50   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 19
364005   1 Howard Technology Solutions 7350.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 20
364038   1 Howard Technology Solutions 343.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Palisade page 21
364057   1 Howard Technology Solutions 882.00   Serv&Op/Instrctn/NHMS page 21
363984   1 First Data Global Leasing 979.25   Serv& Op/Special Projects/Distrwd page 20
363916   1 Follett School Solutions inc 1200.00   Bks&Ref/Instructn/Viejo page 18
363959   1 Follett School Solutions inc 426.60   InstrMtl/Instrctn/FrshStrt page 19
364021   1 Follett School Solutions inc 222.42   9-12-Text/Instrctn/Distrctwd page 20
363849   1 Gold Star Technology 260.00   SplsNonI/Sch Adm/Tesoro page 17
363858   1 Gold Star Technology 520.00   SplsNonI/Sch Adm/Tesoro page 17
364060   1 Gold Star Technology 260.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/NHMS page 21
364067   1 Gold Star Technology 260.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/FNMS page 21
364075   1 Gold Star Technology 520.00   Serv& Op/l/Instrctn/MFMS page 21
363760   1 IAT Interactive 854.18   InstrMtl/Instrctn/SCHS page 15
363970   1 IPEVO Inc 570.46   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Castille page 19
364050   1 IPEVO Inc 142.61   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 21
363957   1 Learning A-Z 5926.92   Serv&Op/Instrctn/Las Palm page 19
363937   1 Mobile Communication Repair 147.96   SplsNonI/Sch Adm/LF Elm page 19
364016   1 Pearson Education Inc. 178.48   SplsNonI/PsychServ/Districtwd page 20
363848   1 PC & Mac Exchange 1053.00   NonCapEq/Instructn/Tessoro Page 17
363857   1 PC & Mac Exchange 2106.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Concordia page 17
363889   1 PC & Mac Exchange 1053.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/Districtwd page 18
364058   1 PC & Mac Exchange 1053.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/NHMS page 21
364066   1 PC & Mac Exchange 1053.00   InstrMtl/Instrctn/FNMS page 21
364074   1 PC & Mac Exchange 2106.00   NonCapEq/Instructn/MFMS page 21
363875   1 Venier Software 1940.40   NonCapEq/Instructn/TANHS page 17
363845   1 Web Assign 913.50   InstrMtl/Instrctn/DHHS page 17
363969   1 West Interactive Services Corp 10381.6   Serv& Op/TIS/Dstrctwd page 19
      Total New PO's $132,332.68