September 13, 2017 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda Item #4 Independent Contractor, Professional Services, Field Service and Master Contract Agreements

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Legal Services:  

Harbottle Law Group $200,000.00

Hatch & Cesario $100,000.00

Best Best and Krieger $100,000.00

Burk Williams & Sorensen $35,000.00

Note: Best Best and Krieger represents the City of San Clemente, The City of Aliso Viejo, and the City of San Juan Capistrano - and CUSD? Isn't that a Conflict of Interest especially since all of these entitys have different positions on the Toll Road?


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Development Conference


nRich Educational Consulting Incorporated $9,000.00


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Review and Evaluate a District wide solar project.  

Government Financial Strategies $325,000.00 financial advisory services and anaylisis and revue evaluation of a District Wide Solar Panel.

Dannis Woliver Kelly $50,000 to provide Bond Counsel services for clean renewable energy bonds.

When did the Board approve this?

CUSD approved Arc Alternatives to do a Solar Feasibility Study at a cost of $43,840. See July 26, 2017 BOT Meeting Agenda Item #26 Trustees approved staff to apply for CREB Bonds but they did not disclose the $325,000 costs to Government Financial Strategies and $50,000 in costs to Dannis Wolver Kelly in the discussion of applying for CREB Bonds. 

This was an Information/Dicussion Item ONLY- No Vote to Approve anything. The Board Report Prepared and Approved by Clark clearly States:

Well - clearly there is a $375,000 Cost to CUSD to apply for the CREB Bonds that Trustees were not made aware of.