September 13, 2017 CUSD Board Meeting Agenda Item #7 CHANGE ORDER NO. 4, BID NO. 1617-01, SAN JUAN HILLS HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING J PROJECT

Change Order #3: $157,007.13 

Total $92,201.91

The Contract Documents did not include the point of connection location for the sewer at bid time due to lack of approval from the water department to connect to the city sewer main located on Vista Montana. As such, the District has directed the Contractor to provide labor and material for approximately 320 feet of 6" PVC sewer pipe to connect to the campus' existing sewer main. Please see RFP #07 and RA Response $06 attached for additional information. Asphalt and concrete replacement is not included in this Work Order. Contractor ls to issue contracts and schedule this work to begin upon approval. Please see Work Order # 18, dated 6/2/ 17. 

Was this an appropriate solution?

Why didn't CUSD get approval from the Water Department in a timely manner?


Change Order #1: $90,611.13 January 25, 2017  #10 page 

Change Order #2: $72,490.51  April 19, 2017 #10 page 193

Change Order #3: $157,007.13 August 23, 2017 #5 page 186