The Board will conduct a public hearing on the consideration of seeking a waiver from the State Board of Education of the competitive bidding procedures set forth in Education Code § 17466 et seq. for the lease of District property located at 26126 Victoria Blvd, Dana Point, CA 92624 (South Bus Yard). District staff recommends pursuing the Request for Proposals process through waiver because it will give the District more flexibility to pursue a ground lease with terms that benefit the District. The Traditional Lease Procedure requires the District to select the party which offers the highest total rent payment during a bid auction, based on the terms the District puts forth in a bid package of materials before the bid auction. However, the Request for Proposals process allows interested parties to submit proposals with various proposed ground lease terms, and allows the District to select the proposal that offers the best overall proposal by considering different factors such as the length of the lease term, the proposed use of the Property, as well as the total rent payment. Therefore, the Request for Proposals process gives the District the ability to negotiate a ground lease that provides the best overall benefit to the District. Supporting documentation is located in Exhibit 31.

CUSD WIG 2: Communications – Communicate with, and engage students, parents, employees, and community members in Districtwide and community-specific decisions.

Contact: Clark Hampton, Deputy Superintendent, Business and Support Services

Staff Recommendation It is recommended the Board President open the public hearing, determine if members of the public have submitted requests to speak on the item, and after hearing any speakers, formally close the public hearing.

BLUE CARD - Dawn Urbanek

February 22, 2017 BOT Meeting Agenda Item #9 page 250

Resolution 1617-50 states: 

"Dana Point - South Transportation and Groundskeeping Facility

The District will preserve space on the south bus yard site for use by the Grounds and Transportation Departments for surplus storage and vehicle parking. Remaining space on the site will be made available for leasing of RV/boat storage. The District will make improvements to the site for the purpose of leasing space for storage. The District will also explore options for the long-term repurposing of the site. District staff will involve City staff in the course of moving forward with plans for this site."

Has CUSD involved the City of Dana Point in discussions of plans for this site? CUSD had stated that they were working with the City of Laguna Niguel on the Paseo Colinas property. A Public Record Request to the City of Laguna Niguel said that this was not true.

The Public concern is that the District is already in negotiations with particular parties for the sale of this property which may result in the gifting of Public assets based on presentations at a January Asset Management Planning Work Shop:


Board Workshop January 18, 2017 Asset Management Planning

Resolution No 1617-50 Asset Management Plan