I read the Sworn Complaint of Dawn Urbanek in the San Juan Capistrano Patch regarding the record number of highly qualified California Resident Students that are being denied admission to the University of California or referred to UC Merced as their only UC Option. I wish to add the following documentation in support of that complaint.


Filed with the United States Department of Justice on 4/25/2019

California Taxpayers vs University of California and the State of California:

                The University of California- Its Admissions and Financial Decisions                            Have Disadvantaged California Resident Students.


A record number of California Resident Students who are in the top 12.5% of their high school graduating class were denied admission to an "appropriate"  UC  campus. Instead, they were placed in a referral pool and offered UC Merced as their only UC option. These are students that qualify for admission to flagship schools like a UC Berkeley or a UCLA. It has been documented that less than 1.1% of the students placed in the referral pool and offered UC Merced as their only UC option choose to enroll. Instead they are forced to seek enrollment in Private Universities and Out-of-State 4- year selective colleges and universities in order to get a comparable education to a UC Berkeley and UCLA, for which they are highly qualified. 

California's best and brightest are being denied educational opportunity so that the University of California can "sell" their seats to Out-of-State and International students at a profit to the University. From 2011 to the present, the University of California has decreased California Resident enrollment from 87% to 76% while Out-of State and International enrollment has gone from 13% to 24%. A 2015 Audit recommended that the University of California cap International enrollment at 5% 

The University of California justifies the continued increase in International enrollment as a means of obtaining diversity. Because of the ethnic make-up of International students the University's student population no longer reflects the diversity of the state which, was the expressed desire of the California Legislature.

88% of the International students come from Asia and the Middle East.

61% of the 88% are from The Peoples Republic of China.

12% represent all other countries in the World

This is not "diversity". If all of our top educational institutions are filled with students from Asia and the Middle East, with an overwhelming majority from The People's Republic of China it could be viewed as a threat to our National Security Interest.  

There are great inequities in the admissions process. The Out-of-State and International students are guaranteed admittance to at least one campus of there choice. California Resident Students are not. The Out-of-State and International students are admitted with lower test scores and lower GPA's than that of California Resident students. Highly qualified California Resident students are denied their schools of choice, and are placed in a referral pool and offered UC Merced as their only UC option. These students are overqualified for UC Merced and that is why 99% refuse to enroll in UC Merced.

As a result of unfair admissions policies, the families of California Resident students suffer financially. In-State Tuition & Fees at the University of California are approximately $14,000 per year. Tuition and Fees at a comparable College or University outside the UC System are now $54,000 per year (a difference of $40,000 per year). After paying their extremely high taxes for a "World Class Education" at a UC school, these families are being forced to spend an additional $40,000 per year in Tuition and Fees alone, to attend a comparable College or University. Over four years that is $160,000 in increased educational expense per family. This is money that leaves the local economy.

Data for the Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD); in Orange County California showed that in 2018, 229 CUSD high achieving students were denied admission to an "appropriate" UC school. The cost to these 229 CUSD families was $49 million dollars over four years. Money that leaves the local economy.

The University of California's admission policies and practices violate California Law and the University of California's Master Plan Mandate. California Residents are entitled to an "appropriate" placement within the UC System, or they should be granted financial reparations to offset the increased educational expense. The University of California cannot be allowed to unjustly enrich its self at the expense of California taxpayers. 

The University of California is double dipping. Not only does the UC "sell" each seat for an average of $44,000, the UC keeps the tax money that has already been allocated to the UC to reduce CA Resident tuition for that seat to $14,000. It is abusive to California taxpayers to have paid $28,000 for a seat that is sold at discounted tuition rates to Out-of-State and International students. International students attend flagship schools like UC Berkeley and UCLA for $44,000 per year in Tuition and Fees while CA Residents are forced out of the UC System and pay $54,000 in Tuition and Fees. Why should California taxpayers subsidize the education of Out-of-State and International students at the expense of their own children?

At the conclusion of this complaint there is a recommendation of how the University of California could immediately (for the Class of 2020) create an additional 26,166 seats for qualified California Residents without additional funding from State taxpayers.

None of the recommendations from the 2015 Audit have been been implemented.

Four years later, a report from the LAO confirms that enrollment of California Resident students continues to decline as the University of California continues to "sell" a greater number of seats every year.

California Resident Students are being denied equality of educational opportunity; a violation of the the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution which guarantees equal protection of the laws. 

I wish to provide the following documentation in support of this complaint:

Contact Information
Parents's Name  
Education Information
High School  
Class of [Year]  
ACT Test Score  
SAT Test Score  
College Applications
Name of College Accepted Rejected Waitlisted Other
College or University that your student enrolled in after high school graduation
What are the annual tuition and fees at this University? Do not include other expenses.
How did the increase in tuition and fees financially harm your family?






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