I was able to locate an e-mail for Principal Nelson on the District web site

Williams Complaint Las Palmas Elementary School

Complaint Filed November 25, 2017

CUSD has 30 Capistrano Working Days to remedy the Emergency Repairs. 

CUSD must respond to the Complainant within 45 Capistrano Working Days of receipt of the Complaint. 

Complainant has 15 days to Appeal CUSD's decision to the CDE if the response is not satisfactory. 

The Appeal must contain a copy of the original complaint to CUSD and a copy of CUSD's decision.

The November 1, 2017 Facilities Condition Assessment Concordia Elementary School Final Report can be found at the following link and is the basis of this complaint:


This report is 180 pages and documents all facilities issues with pictures.

Concordia Elementary School has $506,800 in EMERGENCY REPAIRS aka conditions that require immediate action to:

a) correct a cited safety hazard,

b) stop accelerated deterioration, and/or

c) return a facility to operation. 

Facilities issues include; but are not limited to:

Roofing 368,500
Domestic Water Distribution 13,200 
Heating Systems 2,200
Cooling Systems 30,400
Ventiliation 20,000
Electrical Service and Distribution 64,600
Parking Lots 300
Storm Drainage Utilities 7,600